The original black
elderberry extract

Twenty years of scientific studies make Sambucol one of the most extensively researched elderberry products in the world.

A natural remedy backed by Science

For centuries, Native Americans and Europeans used black elderberries for their wide range of health benefits.

Black elderberries are very high in vitamin C and are the most concentrated source of the powerful antioxidant, anthocyanin. Research has shown that anthocyanins boost the production of cytokine proteins in your body, which strengthens your body’s immunity and ability to fight viruses.


Black elderberries have twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and more than 50% the overall antioxidant capability of cranberries.

There are 1000 black elderberries in every 120 ml bottle of Sambucol Anti-Viral Flu Care.

Sambucol's unique manufacturing process safely preserves antioxidants, to create a delicious health supplement that's suitable for the whole family aged 2 and up.

Just one cup of black elderberries contains 870mg of vitamin A, 406mg of potassium, 52.2mg of vitamin C, 9mg of folate, 55mg of calcium, and 2.32mg of iron.

Find the formula that’s right for you

Sambucol is clinically proven to help you recover twice as fast from cold and flu symptoms.