Boost your immunity

When taken daily, the powerful antioxidants found in Sambucol Anti-Viral Flu Care can help you strengthen your body’s immune system.

Safe and natural

Sambucol is the original black elderberry extract developed by scientists and backed by 20 years of extensive research. There's a Sambucol formula for every member of your family aged two and up.

Recover twice as fast

Unlike over-the-counter medications that mask symptoms, Sambucol helps reduce your cold and flu symptoms and the duration of illness.


Trusted quality

Sambucol's unique extraction process carefully preserves all of the naturally occurring vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Better berries

Our premium Haschberg Cultivar Black Elderberries are grown and handpicked in Europe from trees that are have been bearing healthy fruit for multiple generations.

Sambucol Sinus Relief - 30 tablets (mini melts) Sambucol Pastilles - 20 soft & chewy pastilles Sambucol Anti-viral Flu Care - 230 mL syrup Sambucol Cold & Flu - 24 capsules (non-drowsy) Sambucol Anti-viral Flu Care Kids - 120 mL syrup Sambucol Cold & Flu Kids - 24 chewable tablets

So, what does Sambucol taste like?

Sweet, tangy and full of berry flavour, Sambucol makes breakfasts, beverages, and
desserts healthier and even more delicious.

Try This Recipe

Breakfast Smoothie

2 teaspoons Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup
1 frozen banana
3/4 cup unsweetened yogurt
1/3 cup blueberries

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“My 6 year old and 8 year old son's used this. I used it when they were starting to get a cold. They enjoyed them! They said they tasted great like a treat. I noticed them starting to feel better and it never turned out to be a full blown cold. Magic! #trynatural ”
— Jessica R., Ontario

“Thank you social nature for the opportunity to let my niece try this for free ! It worked wonders on her cold and will definitely be using sambuccol again !”
— kaitlynn f., Ontario

“Loved this product for the kids. It was easily for them to eat and they didn’t feel like they were taking medicine. The ingredients are exactly what I had hoped for . Would purchase ”
— Jenna M., Nova Scotia

“My kids loved the flavor and the fact that they could chew it like a candy was really appealing to them. This made my life really easy. I loved the fact that it has natural ingredients, so not having to worry about side effects.”
— Anria O., Alberta

“This product does work, kids love the taste. Got this sample in the mail which is nice of the company to allow sample to go to people to be able to try this product for free. ”
— M M., Ontario

“Unfortunately to say I had to try it with my kids. They smell great, however one loved it and the other was not a fan or the flavour. If I had no choice I would but it, but would not be my first choice ”
— Uliana K., Ontario

“My family was given the opportunity to try the Sambucol Kids Cold & Flu Chewables. This product is easy to use and the appealing taste made the experience more pleasant for my children. The berry flavoured chewable did not taste artificial or leave a bad taste in their mouths. It was a mess free option that worked well for my family. I found that it successfully relieved the unpleasant cough, scratchy sore throat and eliminated fever in record time so that my children could get back to their daily activities. I like knowing that it fights off infections and provides immune support. I feel good about offering my children a product that is gluten free, without any artificial flavours or colours. This Sambucol product is just what my family needs to keep colds and flu at bay during the winter season. Now that they use this product daily, I feel confident that they will remain healthy. #trynatural #gotitfree #productreview #socialnature”
— O. S., Quebec

“Although no one had a cold during the alloted time frame for writing reviews, my son used this as a protective factor to help strengthen his immune system and keep him from getting sick. Sambucol Black Elderberry chewable tablets contains echinacea, since and vitamin C. It helps to relive cold and flu symptoms like cough, dry throat and fever. It also helps to fight again upper respiratory tract infections! These tablets are great for children aged 2 and up. My 10-year-old son was scared of how these would taste, but he was surprised to find that they tasted better than their cough syrup counter part and almost like candy.”
— Kiley B., Saskatchewan

“Kids enjoyed them. I found it helped their sniffling and runny nose. There was no grumbling or griping to take them. Tasty, easy to use no measuring needed just pop it out of the pkg and chew!”
— Huney B., Ontario

“We haven’t actually had a chance to try this product because my daughter hasn’t gotten sick this year. We are super excited to try it because we do like the more natural products for her. I think these will be easier for her because she just has to chew it instead of trying to get her to drink down thick syrup. And I think the flavour would be delicious. Thanks for the product to sample!”
— Justine V., Alberta

“My son is still too young for them, but I like to try things way ahead of time. And I like to try them on myself first. Seems logical to me. Firstly, these were delicious, soft and easy to chew. So there would be no issues getting him to take them. Second, they contain many powerful natural ingredients to fight colds - elderberry, echinacea, zinc & vitamin C. I will definitely be buying these in the future. I just wish the coupons didn’t expire within days of receiving the product or I would have stocked up already. ”
— Monika O., Ontario

“Kids Cold & Flu Chewable by Sambucol Black Elderberry taste great. We've tried the liquid version and the chewables taste better. We plan to take it daily to build our immunity. It's great for both kids and adults alike. ”
— Antoniette U., Ontario

“I was worried my son wouldnt know to chew this product and not like the consistency of it. We usually use liquid product. Ive heard of some kids having an unknown allergy and that was also in my mind. He got over his sniffles quickly and was back to his normal self after a couple days ”
— Sam S., Ontario

“It’s quickly activate. My kids feel better after a couple time using. The flavour is nice, my kids love it. They asked me to buy it with another flavour too. We will try it next. ”
— My T., Ontario

“This product is a great way for children to prevent illness. I like that Sambucol Cold and Flu Kids is chewable and flavored. I will purchase this product again and suggest friends and family try it.”
— Jo M., Saskatchewan

“I used my both boys loved it definitely I will buy in future best for kids and good first time user but love result good for winter weather for cold and fever ”
— Rubina P., Ontario

“I never gave my kids cold and flu medications because of the ingredients. With sambucol I don’t worry because it’s all natural and safe for my children. Will definitely purchase again!!”
— Rania M., Ontario

“This product is good because it tastes great! No swallowing pills or liquids. The chewable tables are very children friendly and my kid thinks it’s a treat and wants more of it.”
— Katie H., Ontario

“I received this product to try for free for an honest review. My family hated feeling sick but loved the Sambucol Cold & Flu chewable and the Black Elderberry flavour. I love that it has natural ingredients and provides immune support. The packaging allows for a no mess solution opposed to a syrup variety. ”
— Andrea L., Manitoba

“My kid loves these immunity-boosting caplets. I give one to him whenever he has any initial signs of a cold, and pretty soon afterwards he feels better. I am convinced that these tablets help ward off viruses. The taste is very good and yummy as well. I will continue to purchase for my kid! ”
— Fiona T., Ontario

“Seems effective and good taste! I liked how it can help and treat many different types of symptoms. Overall, I would recommend to get it a try.”
— Apple G., Ontario

“We mainly my children LOVED the flavour and ease of use. It didn't leave a yucky aftertaste like other cold and flu products we have tried in the past.”
— Diane H., Ontario

“My boys of ages 7 and 10 love it so much , says it tastes so much like natural berries. I will recommend to others and will definitely buy again”
— ayotunde o., Ontario

“I like the natural ingredients. It works well with my family. I would use this product again. Not to mention the flavor make it easier to take. My kids love it. ”
— Adrienne w., Oregon

“Delicious fruity taste. Good for flu season or any time you don't feel well. Great for on the go. Kids adults every age. Wouldngetbagain if I needed it ”
— Nikki W., Ontario

“Wow! What an awesome product. I tried these with my 10 year old son and he loved the flavor. He is more into chewable now instead of liquid so these were perfect. I love the natural ingredients and they seem to work pretty quickly once a symptom arises. I will definitely be purchasing these! #trynatural”
— Susan M., Nova Scotia

“Excellent et très efficace. Mon enfant à aimer son goût et il a été mieux seulement quelques heures après avoir commencé à lui en donner. Vraiment je recommande.”
— Julie M., Quebec

“We haven’t been sick for this product to be of use in our household yet but I chewed one to try it so I may post a review of the taste at least and it tastes pretty good considering it’s medication! I will definitely try it when we actually need it ”
— Tiffany Lynn C., British Columbia

“My granddaughter was a bit skeptable at first, she smelt it and said okay she would try it because it smelt good lol. Chewing it she liked the taste, didn't leave a weird aftertaste in her mouth. She never knew she liked elderberry was her response. Its hard when we hsve to give young kids medicine who are sick but way better when they like the taste”
— Michelle m., Ontario

“These were amazing! My children hate the taste of any kind of medicine but they loved the taste and it wasn't a giant fight to get them to take it. It also helped them get better faster which i loved and didn't make them Drowsy. ”
— Amy E., Alberta

“We love this product but was disappointed the coupons that came with it had a short expiry (less than 1 month) so by the time I actually got a chance to go out to look for the product. they were already expired.”
— Martha C., Ontario

“My 7 year old daughter loved the taste and it was easy for her to chew these gummies as she is scared to swallow pills and doesnt even like to take syrups because of their taste. ”
— Christina S., Ontario

“Taste is great and they work! What more could you want?1 I would recommend this product especially because it is more natural than the other products you can get”
— Brittany R., Ontario

“I need to tell you about this great new product I had sent to me to try. Sambucol Chewable Cold and Flu. I have given these to my grandkids and they loved the idea that they could chew them. They loved the taste as well. The tablets Helped the kids get over their colds so much quiciker than pills they had taken in the past. I highly reccoment this product!!!!”
— Sandra D., British Columbia

“They kids thought that they tasted great! And I felt better giving them the kids cold and flu Sambucol Black Elderberry because why not #trynatural! It worked well relieving their symptoms and allowing them to feel better quickly! ”
— Kristy S., Ontario

“It took me awhile to review this as my kids haven't had a cold for awhile. Can't say I can complain about them being healthy! Anyway at the first sign of a cough and a small sore throat I gave this to my eldest son to take. He is a tough kid to sell on medicines as he can't stand the taste of most liquid or pill format meds. I am happy to say that my son actually loved the flavour which made it so much easier to get him to take the medication. He indicated that the tablet did help minimize the sore throat and I noticed that his cough died down. In 2 days he was as good as new. I am not sure how well these would work if my children had fevers or worse colds as the one we treated was minor but I would be willing to give it a try. #trynatural #GotItFree”
— Ruth-Anne S., Ontario

“I would recommend the kids cold and flu chewables as they have a nice flavour but yet very mild to treat common symptoms. Even for the most picky kid they will be a hit.They were easy to find in stores too. ”
— Chrystal H., Ontario

“Okay , so i wasn't sure what to think about these. I was waiting to see if my daughter would need them. So she was complainjng kf a sore throat and was coughing. I gave her a dose of this and she went to bed and woke up the next morning way better. Im not sure if it was all because of the medication or just a miracle but no more coughing or sore throat. I recieved coupons with the sample however the expired before i could use them. I have td my sister about this product as she has 2 kids who would use it. One thing I was qorried about was the flavor. My dauggter is sensitive to taste and if she dont like it even a little she will gag.. but she said these were ok they were good (her exactly words) I'd suggest these to someone who isnt sure what to buy!! ”
— Sheri B., Ontario

“I love the idea of this, and I think for young kids it's great and a better alternative than popsicles or juice when their throat hurts. I tried one to see what they were like and it tastes good. It chews easily and did help my dry throat. My older child tried it and said the taste was great and very fruity. The only downside is that for older children the recommended dose is 3 tablets at a time. I would rather it be one larger one for older kids, than having to give 3. ”
— Jade H., Quebec

“I have this to my 8 year old granddaughter who thought it was really good, she thought this was just a gummy candy, not a vitamin candy. So I will take her word for it that it was good”
— Marilyn S., British Columbia

“Love this product. Tastes great, my son had no issues taking it! I also really like the more natural ingredients and that it’s really easy to administer with the chewable format! Will definitely purchase another box. ”
— Ashley T., Ontario

“We just try this product and my kids didn’t complain about the taste they just eat it no complains I think this help them to recover faster We are happy to try this product ”
— Ana R., Ontario

“Love this product! My kids loves the taste of it. It's not only for the cold and flu, y0u can also use it as everyday immunity vit. For the kids. I would definitely buy more of it. Great product.”
— Jennesa A., Ontario

“My daughter does not normally like to take any type of medicine. With Sambucol chewables, we actually asked if she could have another. Sambcol cold and flu chewables for the win!!! ”
— Nicole W., Newfoundland and Labrador

“My daughter tried these when she was feeling a little off recently. She said she really liked the taste and liked that they were chewable but thought they left a funny aftertaste. All and all, a really great product ”
— Cara R., Saskatchewan

“No one in the family has gotten sick yet or had cold symptoms yet, but I gave it a try despite that since I would want to try things before giving the kids. As an adult, I liked the flavor - better than taking cough syrup for sure. I like that it is natural and can be used for preventative measures. I can't say much on how well it helps cold symptoms or if the kids like it - will update when we use it for actual cold symptoms.”
— Irene F., Ontario

“I got this free from Social nature and was really grateful because my 8 year old daughter is only open to chewables. Trying to get her to take medicine is a really challenge so again I was super happy to receive. She enjoyed the taste and texture and it did seem to relieve her cold symptoms shortly after she took it. I'd recommend for parents with younger children ”
— Laura D., Ontario

“Great product, great flavour. The fact that it is made with a combination of natural ingredients is very important to me. I noticed that my child’s health improved while taking it.”
— Pat G., Ontario

“I like products with natural Ingredients tastes great and it’s perfect for kids. It was perfect for cold and flu season and it is easy to take. Helped a lot ”
— Laura R., Ontario

“Works well. Kids will actually eat them. They like the taste. Worked well. Liked the fact that it was natural. Definately will buy again. Might like to see some other flavors”
— D'Arcy M., Ontario

“These were super great! they were very easy to chew and they weren’t hard at all, the kids loved these! i would 100% buy these again and will recommend these to others!”
— Baylee S., Saskatchewan

“My daughter really enjoyed these chews! It got rid of her symptoms really quickly and she really liked the taste! I'll definitely be adding this to my regular medicine cabinet.”
— Lynette T., Ontario

“ I don't know about children but I being an adult didn't mind the taste! You get a lot in that box which is an added bonus. And hopefully, it works well for cold and flu.”
— Tanya A., Ontario

“My 5 year old child was just starting to get sick and I’m not a fan of giving her Tylenol or other drugs, so this natural alternative seemed like a good alternative. It also seemed to stop the cold in its tracks and my daughter recovered quickly”
— Lindsay M., Alberta

“My son was ill so I decided to let him try the Kids cold and flu chewables that I recieved free as a tester through Social Nature. I thought it was pretty convenient to use compared to the liquid medicines and it smelled pretty good. My son said it was just ok, he preferred the liquid type over this one. He claims that this one leaves a funny aftertaste.”
— Cindy L., Ontario

“Had a great opportunity to try this product! the packaging is super cute! My son was sick so I thought the perfect time to try it! he loved it! Where he kept asking for more after! I had to distract him so I could hide the package! Great product! ”
— kayla w., Ontario

“Sambucol cold and flu kids helps fight infections, provides immune support and helps relive cold and flu symptoms. It has an amazing berry taste that my kids enjoyed. Sambucol has echinacea, zin and vitamin C which is great for our human body. What's amazing about it is that Sambucol is a natural health product. I will definitely purchase this whenever needed. ”
— Rafaela F., Ontario

“My kids has no issues taking these and they actually taste great. Really helped reduce the time of the sickness we experienced at hime. Will continue to take it to maintain immunity ”
— Suzy A., Alberta

“I would of liked the coupons more if they were good longer then a few weeks but the product tasted great and I even bought a box for at granny’s bc my daughter and nephew were both sick and granny watches them ... ”
— Karlea G., Ontario

“I would recommend this to friends and family. It is easy to give to the kids, and they loved it. These taste great and the ingredients are so natural.”
— Alice K., Quebec

“It’s great that these are chewable and tasty, the kids enjoy them so it’s not a battle to give it to them. Having something that helps boost their immune system with Vitamin C, zinc and echinacea is wonderful especially since they like the flavour. Overall great product! #trynatural”
— Corey B., Alberta

“I gave this product to a friend’s son who was feeling under the weather. He enjoyed the grape flavour and seemed to recover well over the course of the next few days!”
— C C., Alberta

“I received the Sambucol Cold and Flu Kids chewable tabs as a free sample recently and before I give anything to my kids I try it myself. First thing that impressed me was the taste, we all know that kids hate the taste of most medicines, these taste great! the have a nice berry flavour that doesn't have a bitter medicine taste. Then I tried chewing them, they are a bit powdery when chewed but really not an unpleasant feeling so overall these are great. Now the thing is even though I like them will my kids? Well now I have to wait until one of them gets a cold to try them. I have a good feeling they will like these.”
— Marg D., Ontario