Boost your immunity

When taken daily, the powerful antioxidants found in Sambucol Anti-Viral Flu Care can help you strengthen your body’s immune system.

Safe and natural

Sambucol is the original black elderberry extract developed by scientists and backed by 20 years of extensive research. There's a Sambucol formula for every member of your family aged two and up.

Recover twice as fast

Unlike over-the-counter medications that mask symptoms, Sambucol helps reduce your cold and flu symptoms and the duration of illness.


Trusted quality

Sambucol's unique extraction process carefully preserves all of the naturally occurring vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Better berries

Our premium Haschberg Cultivar Black Elderberries are grown and handpicked in Europe from trees that are have been bearing healthy fruit for multiple generations.

Sambucol Sinus Relief - 30 tablets (mini melts) Sambucol Pastilles - 20 soft & chewy pastilles Sambucol Anti-viral Flu Care - 230 mL syrup Sambucol Cold & Flu - 24 capsules (non-drowsy) Sambucol Anti-viral Flu Care Kids - 120 mL syrup Sambucol Cold & Flu Kids - 24 chewable tablets

So, what does Sambucol taste like?

Sweet, tangy and full of berry flavour, Sambucol makes breakfasts, beverages, and
desserts healthier and even more delicious.

Try This Recipe

Breakfast Smoothie

2 teaspoons Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup
1 frozen banana
3/4 cup unsweetened yogurt
1/3 cup blueberries

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“My kids didn't really enjoy the taste. I like the ingredients and would give it to them often, if they enjoy taking it unfortunately they complained about it.”
— Kaitlyn S., Ontario

“My daughter liked them and said it made her feel better faster and tasted great. I have been telling everyone about them. Have been continued to buy them to have on hand just in case of sickness ”
— Lia R., Ontario

“This is a great product for children and I didn't have any problems with my boys taking it. It was the taste that won them over which is why we had no problems taking the product.”
— Christine a., Ontario

“This product is good for my kids. My kids willing to take it when they get sick. The taste is good. If it has more different flavour, it will be better.”
— Vicky C., Ontario

“Absolutely loved having this for cold and flu season! We have bought it over and over again! My son loves the taste! Which makes it even better ”
— Brittany S., Ontario

“Love that is is natural without unknown ingredients. Chewable is an added bonus. I do recommend this product. I have never seen this product on the shelves before but I will be looking for it next time I am shopping.”
— Chrissy M., Ontario

“It was very easy to get my daughter to take the chewable tablets compared to liquid form,. Definitely will be purchasing these from now on..”
— Caitlyn H., Ontario

“Kids used it and thought it tasted good as well as soothing. The fact that it is a more naturally based product makes it even more appealing.”
— Donna S., Ontario

“Black Elderberry is known for boosting the immune system and helping to avoid sickness. Sambucol makes a good quality Black Elderberry Syrup that my daughter takes without a fuss because it taste great. It is made with the extract directly from Black Elderberrys. It is scientifically tested and gluten free. The high levels of antioxidants help to boost immunity and protect against illness all year round. My daughter takes it daily and hasnt been sick since she started taking it. Overall, this Black Elderberry syrup by Sambucol taste great and works well to avoid unwanted illness. I highly recommend it.”
— lacey n., SK

“I thought it helped my daughter, although getting her to take take it was a pain as she did not like the flavour so I had to bribe her in order to get her to take it. ”
— Natalie H., Ontario

“Good product! My child liked them.was very easy to get him to take it because it was chewable.i would definitely recommend this to a family or friend”
— Brittany R., Manitoba

“I thought the product works well and is full of good antioxidants. My one child liked the taste, my daughter thought it was a bit strong tasting. ”
— Faith D., British Columbia

“These gave me some piece of mind that my kids were getting some healthy vitamins in their systems. They enjoyed the taste and texture and so did I!”
— Jennie G., Ontario

“Kids loved these! I didn’t think they would like the flavour but They didn’t complain. Would recommend to anyone with young kids that get sick often. ”
— Melissa-Jane G., Ontario

“This is always my go to product when one of the kids are starting to have symptoms of a cold. If I catch it soon enough this is all we need! ”
— Jessica B., Ontario

“My daughter used it and said she liked it. we Only takes when or if she starts feeling sick, or the start of something potentially making her sick”
— Kara S., Ontario

“My daughter never liked Tylenol or Advil. When I first face her Sambucol, she refused to take it because she didn’t know what it was. I told her it was a special candy that will make her feel better she took a lick. I tried it a few times and finally got it into her and she loved the taste ”
— Fiona L., British Columbia

“My son enjoyed the the chewable over a liquid and said it had great flavor of this product and we enjoyed the freebie we found the product worked well and was effective Thanks again ”
— Laurie B., Ontario

“My kids love the taste! And it helps with first onset of cold. It easy to chew, to them it felt like a candy lol I would definitely be purchasing more of these. Thank you”
— Adisa T., Ontario

“My kids loved this product, it helped them a lot when colds started. They didn't dislike the taste and it was something they actually enjoyed taking. I highly recommend this product!”
— Tara M., Nova Scotia

“I love this stuff! My kids love the taste and I love that they love the taste! It really does work! I wish it was bigger package though but I guess it was just a sample!”
— Melanie C., New Brunswick

“It really helps strengthen my sons immune system during cold and flu season! I notice less runny noses when he uses this product regularly- the whole family uses it now!”
— Ambika S., Ontario

“My kids enjoyed it! They like taking a bedtime vitamin daily. In the months where cold and flu symptoms arrise, it is nice to go for something different that boosts immune.”
— kina o., Quebec

“Thanks it is a good product would recommend my kid liked it. Great taste and texture. I have nothing else to say but need a minimum of 140 characters to continue!”
— Hawra A., Ontario

“Kids loved them. Tasted great and seemed to work very well. Have purchased them since. Great alternative to regular medicine. They would eat them all the time if they could. ”
— Kayla L., Manitoba

“I love the Sambucol Black Elderberry Cold & Flu Kids Chewable TabletsNatural cold and flu-fighting. love the ingredients: Black Elderberry, Echinacea, Zinc and Vitamin CHelps fight off infectionsProvides immune supportRelieves cough, sore throat & feverSuitable for kids ages 2+Great berry taste my son loves it. It helps him so much when he is sick”
— Tracy F., Ontario

“My kids loved the flavour and U found that it was effective. I did buy the syrup when the chewable were gone. I love that they are all natural ingredients and it is something that my children can either take daily for maintenance or just when a cold is starting to hit to shorten the duration on the cold. ”
— Macey C., Ontario

“My little daughter has a huge issue with taking medicine or any type.She loved this product and it really seemed to help. She actually asked could she have medicine again several time’s when she was sick. I liked it that much I actually bought more products. I have actually sent pics of this product to several other mothers I know that experienced issues with their children With taking medicines.”
— Tracy C., Newfoundland and Labrador

“Loved that these were made with natural ingredients and was able to give to both my kids. The girls loved the taste and had no issue taking them. ”
— Heather W., Ontario

“My little man doesn't like taking meds but with this I had no issue with him taking it ..the smell and flavor had something to do with it...I say give it a try ”
— Terry H., Nova Scotia

“Kids didnt like it but it worked. I think it was the taste but there fast acting. So i loved them. Plus there chewables which is alot better then the liquid. My kids twjd to be fussy on liquid ”
— Christina K., Ontario

“The kids loved these they were so eager to try no fussing with liquid just chew and go. They were suitable for both children to take which was very convenient. ”
— Krista G., New Brunswick

“This never came for me to try in the mail. Heard some amazing things about it so decided to go and buy it for my little one who was not feeling well. We used it for 4 days and he is feeling so much better. Usually he gives me a hard time to take any kind of medication but with Sabucoi Cold and Flu Kids Chewables he would run and grab it he loved the grape flavour and that he could chew them. Thank you so much and really wish that the original package had came but Now I will always have this is the house for my kids”
— Forzat D., Ontario

“Great product. Tastes so good that kids eat without any tantrums. I have given my son these tablets more than 6-7 times and also have bought it again. It’s really effective and soothing.”
— Aasha N., Ontario

“my little boy loved that they didnt taste awful and he took them orally when he was sick they were very effective I prefer this medacine over bubblegum tylonal any day Sambucol is a wonderful way to help your kid get healthy effectively and no complaining of any awful taste. ”
— Monica I., Saskatchewan

“Worked for my son and my niece. Definitely buying this again! My son felt improvement after 2 days of taking it regularly. He didn’t like the taste though. ”
— Diane H., Ontario

“My 5 years old loves the little chewies. These are effective and give rapid relief to throat irritation and dry cough. Whenever my LO has bad days (flu, dry cough, sore throat). He takes one tablet in the night which is enough to comfort him through out the night.”
— Aqsa M., Quebec

“Kids loved the flavour!! Helped them through their cold. I will definitely purchase them in the future and recommend to friends! Sometimes I sneak them for my cold as well!”
— Jessica M., Ontario

“My daughter loves these chewables and when she’s sick, she always asks for the “good medicine”. I also noticed it gave her some relief after taking it. ”
— Denise J., British Columbia

“I love that my child likes the taste of this and it worked well. It seemed to hold off the severe symptoms of the usual cold and flu during the months when he was kore at risk. ”
— Joanna C., Ontario

“They seemed to help my daughter when she was under the weather and she LOVED the taste of them and asked me for more “vitamins”. I would recommend for someone with fussy kids! ”
— Tiffany M., Manitoba

“I have tried this product and my child loved it so much, I cant tell if it is efficient but definitely good tasting. I recommend to try it . especially if you have children and care for them if they eat chemical drugs”
— souhila h., Quebec

“my 10yr old daughter LOVES these!! I have had a hard time with her as she doesn't like any medicine no matter how sick she is. She tried these, and wanted MORE (she thought they were regular THANK YOU for introducing us to these!!”
— Linda L., Ontario

“My child tried the chewable and likes the great berry taste. I like the effectiveness of the Chewable tablets like fighting off infections, relieves cough, sore throat, fever, and Vitamin C. It provided comfortable relief with cough; soothe sore throat and fever and will definitely purchase and recommend to others.”
— Ivy L., Ontario

“My children love the flavour and I feel like they aren't sick as much.. As I give this to them every day as a booster for their immune system.. ”
— Monica L., Ontario

“I liked this product it worked great for my daughter who was sick and had a fever took about 20 mins to kick in and she was feeling abit better an took the fever down ”
— Kaitlyn G., Ontario

“Kids loved the taste. Chewable was much easier for them to take and they didn't even fuss about it like with liquid. Would definitely recommend this to others. ”
— Marcy M., Ontario

“This is awesome ! Definitely a must try for your kids, worked very well with mine, they found a big difference when they were sick.. enjoy! :)”
— Kimmie P., Newfoundland and Labrador

“We started with The liquid which was sometimes tough to get our son to take. The chewables were much easier and quicker for times we were on the go. The taste isn’t as strong as the liquid either. I have purchased these twice more! ”
— Sandra M., Ontario

“I loved this so much. When my son started getting a sniffle, I would give him one a day and in three days he was great again. I currently keep buying.”
— Miranda S., Ontario

“My kids really liked it. It seemed to helped their symptoms and it was easy to give them because I didn't have to measure. Great flavor too so there wasn't any arguments”
— Rebecca D., British Columbia

“I love the fact that it came in chewables and a really good taste. My niece was the first child to benefit from the cold and flu chewables and I am impressed she is just over 2 and had zero problem getting her to take it. I know it was the taste. Would recommend this to all ”
— Debbie L., Ontario

“I highly recommend this to those with kids. Perfect for flu and cold season. It's hard to get my son to take anything and he had no issues taking these. ”
— Ratana S., Ontario

“This product worked very well...better than any other I have tried. My grandson loved the flavor and took it willingly. The fact that they were chewable made it seem like they were not medicinal, and more like a treat.”
— Helen O., Ontario

“It took a while before one of my 4 kids got sick to try this product out, but usually when one brings a sickness home, it hits all four kids and myself included. It was so easy to get my two youngest kids to take this medicine as I have always had trouble getting them to try anything. It seemed to help with some of the symptoms, which was very helpful. ”
— Shauna A., Ontario

“Great report my kids loved it i recommend to my friends great taste works great for cold and flu will definetly buy it again loved the natural ingredients”
— Rose S., Alberta

“I love the fact it was chewable and the kids loved the taste of it. It was easy to give to them and they could chew it , that was a big bonus, no fighting to give them medicinal stuff. I really stop the coughing and sore throat of the youngest as she was having problems getting to sleep. I gave it to her and she peacefully drifted off the sleep. I did tell other parents that they should try this Sambucol as it was better tasting than buckleys and the kids would take it without any fussing.”
— kate b., Ontario

“My daugther was SSOOOO in LOVE with that product! i haved to keep it away because she was take it like a box of candy! I have take 1 to try it and for me was horrible taste, but its for kids and she was overlove them so its a win i think ;-) ”
— Melanie L., Quebec

“I love that these are natural ingredients and not your typical flavour. My daughter seemed to not mind the flavour, so I will be getting these again! I love that they are chewable and not liquid. #gotitfree #socialnature #trynatural”
— Melani K., Ontario

“Easy to use and chew! Kids loved them and didn't fight as usual to take meds when they were sick! Great product and packaging pricing is great for the type of product it is ”
— janelle g., Oregon

“My picky toddler was okay with it. I would recommend it to a friend as it did work. The flavour was good. They want me to type more but I honestly have nothing more to say. ”
— Jacqueline C., Alberta

“I had to wait a while in order for my child to be able to test this product out, and so unfortunately my child caught a cold recently. This is a great product, it is as natural and safe for kids to consume when they are at their most vulnerable. I like that the flavour is uniquely black elderberry ans not the usual flavours we see on the market. Thank you Socual Nature and Sambucol! ”
— Jan T., Ontario

“my kid usually hates the taste of taking medicine but the flavor in these helped alot! Not only was it NOT a battle to get him to take this but it actually worked! Must times if it has ingredients that you cant read there the ones the work but i love this brand and have purchased it for my medicine cabinet! #trynatural #gotitfree #socialnature”
— Lindsay B., Ontario