Boost your immunity

When taken daily, the powerful antioxidants found in Sambucol Anti-Viral Flu Care can help you strengthen your body’s immune system.

Safe and natural

Sambucol is the original black elderberry extract developed by scientists and backed by 20 years of extensive research. There's a Sambucol formula for every member of your family aged two and up.

Recover twice as fast

Unlike over-the-counter medications that mask symptoms, Sambucol helps reduce your cold and flu symptoms and the duration of illness.


Trusted quality

Sambucol's unique extraction process carefully preserves all of the naturally occurring vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Better berries

Our premium Haschberg Cultivar Black Elderberries are grown and handpicked in Europe from trees that are have been bearing healthy fruit for multiple generations.

Sambucol Sinus Relief - 30 tablets (mini melts) Sambucol Pastilles - 20 soft & chewy pastilles Sambucol Anti-viral Flu Care - 230 mL syrup Sambucol Cold & Flu - 24 capsules (non-drowsy) Sambucol Anti-viral Flu Care Kids - 120 mL syrup Sambucol Cold & Flu Kids - 24 chewable tablets

So, what does Sambucol taste like?

Sweet, tangy and full of berry flavour, Sambucol makes breakfasts, beverages, and
desserts healthier and even more delicious.

Try This Recipe

Breakfast Smoothie

2 teaspoons Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup
1 frozen banana
3/4 cup unsweetened yogurt
1/3 cup blueberries

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“This product was great . The kids enjoyed this , great flavour . They didn’t fight me to take it lol. I highly recommend this product great taste for kids and worked like a charm. ”
— Jenna W., Ontario

“I rely loved the product, very easy and soft on kids. Good quality ingredients and have a very pleasant taste. overall a great experience, though we only had to use it few time, which probably just extra showing the effectiveness of it. Good thing to have!! #trynatural @socialnature”
— Lena M., Ontario

“It soothes my sons throat instantly and was such a good tasting product he didn’t fight me. It was nice to know the ingredients could all be read and it was a healthy product for my family to use. ”
— Violet A., Ontario

“My daughter loved this product and we will definitely buy this again when someone in the family is experiencing a sore throat!!! She loved the taste”
— Sandra J., Alberta

“The kids liked this stuff. The taste was good and not chalky. And the ingredients are good to. Helped the kids for cold and flu season:) My kids don't normally like to try things but they are glad they did. I also tried them and really liked them!! Tey them you will enjoy the benefits and the taste”
— Kellie R., Saskatchewan

“I am not too sure if this shortened my children’s colds, however they loved the flavour and would actually take it. Much better than sticky syrups they refuse to drink! ”
— Howwie K., Ontario

“I gave these to my kids at the first sign of a cold and it went away in just a few days. Hard to know if it was the Sambucol or just a coincidence, but usually our colds last around a week. I will definitely buy this again!”
— Kailey M., Ontario

“I thought this product wouldn't work at first, was very skeptical about it. My it's what I had a the time that my son got a cold. He like the taste. It works fast. ”
— Sasha B., Ontario

“I had my grandchildren try out the Sambucol Black Elderberry Chewable Tablets as an immune support product and they really liked the flavour, which is a big plus because there was no trouble getting them to take it. I think it is a perfect way to help prevent colds and flu naturally. #trynatural ( PS- Mom approved ! )”
— Donna M., British Columbia

“My kids like the flavour of this! They normally have the liquid medication but they seemed to enjoy the chewables alot more! I have continued to buy this product!”
— Trudy D., New Brunswick

“My daughter hates taking medicine. This was a big hit she loved the taste. The package was designed nicely. Would definitely recommend this product ”
— Trinda C., New Brunswick

“Seemed to really help my kids with their cold. Did not taste awful or gross and kids seemed to take it without issue. Price is good too. Also liked that it could be taken daily as a supplement. ”
— Victoria T., Ontario

“These Kids Cold & Flu tablets are fabulous!! I've bought another few pkgs since receiving the sample. My children both (Which I itself is unheard of!! Lol) love the taste as do I. It's not too sweet, bitter or sour just a bland berry taste. The tablets are definitely effective which is obviously the most important aspect. I highly recommend this product! + it gets the Twin seal of approval 😘”
— Kacey P., Ontario

“Loved it. Absolutely loved it. It was amazing. Worked so well. Definitely going to buy it when I find it in stores. It’s so amazing. Love it.”
— Gabrielle B., Ontario

“My kids tried these and while effective in combatting their symptoms the taste was not their favourite. They did however prefer these tablets over regular syrup so it was easier to get them to take it!”
— EileenSean H., Ontario

“My kids started using this one and really works so fast i will purchase in the future and recommend this in my group Thank you for sending very great products ”
— Heena B., Ontario

“I appreciate and liked that this particular contains natural ingredients! This is something I look for in products for my children and family.”
— Janna S., Ontario

“Flu season is tough enough for little kids, it's even harder when they refuse to take their medication. Thank goodness that my kid loved the taste. Bonus, I want loading him up with sugar. ”
— Guylaine B., New Brunswick

“My kids all started getting a cold at same time and I had these on hand and started doling them out! They all loved the taste and the symptoms and severity were both greatly reduced ”
— elizabeth h., Alberta

“This has been a lifesaver for cold season. A couple tabs a day when I notice sniffles and we never get a full on cold. Seems less severe and doesnt last as long! ”
— Sydney C., Saskatchewan

“Very nice. We loved the taste and loved the fact that it contains ingredients which are natural. It helped my kids to recover faster and my kids loved the taste of sambucol. ”
— Neha G., Ontario

“The beat thing about them was its taste. Unlike other flu medications, it actually tasted good and was easily soluble, chewable by my 5 yo. I have them handy now for any time my lo gets sick. I dnt have to worry about spoon feeding the medicines and cleaning the mess”
— Hina H., Ontario

“I took my son 3 tablets a day and he loved the taste. After 4 days he recovered. Good product, I’ve already bought 2 more for my son. Hight recommend! ”
— Anh N., Ontario

“Great for young children to help boost immunity, especially in the cold winter months when cold/flu season is at its highest. I give these at the sign of the first sniffle and they really do seem to shorten the length and severity of colds. My 4yr old son loves the taste of them and asks for his "vitamins" whenever he's not feeling well. I find the syrup can be a little bit messy so I'm much more likely to buy these tablets instead of the syrup in the future. #trynatural #gotitfree”
— Ally M., Manitoba

“I loved this product, would recommend!!! I tried it when my daughter had flu and it was very effective. I always use it since then and would not change to another brand”
— Mariam G., Ontario

“Help reduce symptoms of flu, cold with the great taste. I gave my kid 2 per day and he got well after 3 days. Highly recommend for kids! I’ll purchase for him. ”
— Hien H., Ontario

“My son enjoy it especially when he had a bit of a cold over the winter . He loved the taste thought it was candy and would ask every day for it !! ”
— Alicia M., Ontario

“Good taste, works well. My child had a persistent cold that would not let up sambucol was just the ticket to help get rid of those symptoms. ”
— Jasmine R., British Columbia

“This was great. My kids took with zero fuss!! I totally recommend 100%. I have already purchased again for my home. Works well ans I would even use myself. ”
— Lena M., Ontario

“They worked really good for my kids. My kids never said no to take them. So im glad i got these samples to knkw my kids would take them before buying them”
— Saralyn H., Nova Scotia

“My grandchildren haven’t had to use this product yet as they have not been sick. If it’s anything like the adult version then I am sure it will be fabulous!”
— Elizabeth X., Ontario

“Very good. Taste was great, kids didnt fuzz while taking them. This product helped my daughter her rid of her cold symptoms way faster then usual”
— Arianne H., Ontario

“This product was great it tasted really I wanted to try one for myself and definitely worth the buy would absolutely but this again thank you social nature ”
— Zada S., Alberta

“Chewable was way easier as my 5 year old still has to take liquid meds squirted into her mouth with a syringe because she doesn’t like taking them. This was like eating a candy for her and help a lot! I like the ingredients too ”
— Trisha M., Ontario

“My kids loved the flavor! And I loved that it was helping to boost their immune system. Overall it was a win win and a great product for my family”
— Cassandra M., Ontario

“My kids loved it! Whenever they saw the package they would try to fake sick because it tasted so good! I believe it helped them get over their sickness a lot quicker!”
— Tianna D., New Brunswick

“Love the sambucol black elderberry kids cold and flu chewable tablets. My granddaughter was sick so I gave her the chewable tablets and she really liked the taste which was a big plus because she hates all medication. She felt alot better . I always make sure it's always in my medicine cabinet. Love it.”
— Maggie J., Ontario

“My kids didnt like the taste at all they tried once and gaged. Sadly i cannot fight them to take it. At least we had the chance to try it before we bought. ”
— Chante B., Ontario

“Really good. My son is ussually very picky when it comes to medicine but this one he really like them. He likes the texture and taste. I will recommend the product to my family and friends.”
— rosemarie M., Ontario

“These worked well for all three of my children. Minimized symptoms and all agreed that they tasted great. It’s now a common purchase when one of them is feeling ill”
— Kimberly W., Ontario

“The packaging looks like a regular packaging for children anti-inflammatory medicine. What I like is that it has a nice taste that my kid likes and it made it easier for me as a parent to give the medicine for my kid when he has a fever.”
— sinsa L., Yukon Territory

“I love the fact this product contains natural elements to combat cold & flu for the littles. Grand daughter enjoyed that it was a chewable, as she doesn't like syrups, and it seemed to help her get over her cold very quickly. I would definitely recommend to friends and family. ”
— Alayne L., Ontario

“My daughter loves it! It is flavored naturally. No off taste! She even recovered fully in just 2 days. I will surely buy again and recommend this product to my friends.”
— Jesselyn S., Nova Scotia

“The product seemed to do exactly what it said it would do. I felt good giving it to my 5 year old because it was a natural health product and was supposed to support his immune system . I gave it to him when he had a cough and sore throat, he said the next day he was feeling a bit better until the symptoms completely went away.”
— Jena G., Alberta

“It’s very effective and tastes better than any other and more important my kids loved the flavour as they are very sensitive to any new things and flavour and can get sick easily and throw up but I would give 110 on 100 for this product. ”
— Raj K., Ontario

“I liked this for both of my kids. It works like magic. I highly recommend it. It is a combination kf natural cold fighting ingredients and that is wonderful ”
— Maha S., Alberta

“I received this as a sample. First of all I love this brand, it is our #1 family remedy to fight colds. This time it's chewable, so kids love this better than a strip. Definitely recommend.”
— Irina G., Ontario

“Great flavor! My kids enjoy taking these. At first sign of a cold, fever, runny nose, and or scratchy throat, I grab these now. They are a must have for kids that won't take liquid. ”
— Kimberly G., Ontario

“We gave this to my nephew to try. He said it tasted okay. He didn't love the taste, but didn't spit it out either. 🤷‍♀️ he did like that it was chewable. ”
— Nicole O., Ontario

“My friend’s child had a cold last week so I gave it to her so he can gave a try. He loved the taste and the cold was gone after 2 days used. ”
— Hien H., Ontario

“It's a great product. The kids love the teast. We have already buy the product.. I find the kids take it better than the other stuff. Love this product.”
— Nalini N., Ontario

“Great taste, and most importantly, kids loved it! Hard to gauge efficiency since we used it once... but in principle, it was great. Will keep trying it throughout this cold season and hope for the best!”
— Alexandra I., Ontario

“This is so helpful.. especially my kids get sick last week with a flu and cold this medicine I gave it to them . After one week there are feeling better.. from now on this medicine I’m gonna used... thank you very much!”
— Jenifer E., Alberta

“I have been using this during a cold and the symptoms were basically zero!! So I keep using it as an immune boost!! I have been Raving about them to everyone!! Definitely will keep buying them!! I should add we used the chewable ones ”
— Jenna J., Ontario

“My daughter was a big fan, she loved the taste. It really helped with her sore throat, she didn't have a fever so I'm unsure how it would work for that, but we enjoyed it.”
— Kelly S., Nova Scotia

“The taste of the syrup was pleasant for my kids. Usually, they hate the taste of cough syrup but this was tolerable. The addition of elderberry offsets the aftertaste. Overall, I appreciated the quality of ingredients and would purchase again for my kids. ”
— Maggie K., Ontario

“I was fortunate enough to be able to try this for free. My baby girl is 4 years old and she was so excited to be able to try an all natural medicine. I was very excited about her trying this aswell. ”
— Alyssa W., Ontario

“I love how it works despite of being all natural . My kids loved the taste . Usually they don't like medicine's but this one is different . Thanks Sambucol for making such kids friendly products and Socionature for sending me .”
— Jarin T., Newfoundland and Labrador

“awesome flavor! kids loved them. were eager and willing to havr them. they loved the flavor, thought they were better than other lozenges theyve tried. ”
— Jennifer C., Alberta

“My daughter, 3, was recently sick & we were able to use the black elderberry chewables. She loved the taste & didn’t fight me on taking these. She actually frequently asked me when she was able to take another dose because she loved them so much. We will be purchasing from now on for when my daughter gets sick & we can’t wait until my son will be able to use them as well. ”
— Jolyssa W., Ontario

“My child is 3 and she came down with a slight cold and honestly these worked amazingly! She thought they were candy so that made her taking medicine that much easier! She says she likes the taste, like it tastes like strawberries. I would definitely recommend these! ”
— Cassandra S., Alberta

“I prefers to buy Boiron homeopathic products. Never bought this one. Turns out kid like it. Love the taste. I always want to try elderberry stuff to fight against flu. Guess what....finally found it.”
— Khushbu A., Alberta

“My 4-year old love it. She likes the taste, no problem at all when I first gave her Sambucol. She recover fast as well from fever. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family. ”
— Cristina F., Alberta