Boost your immunity

When taken daily, the powerful antioxidants found in Sambucol Anti-Viral Flu Care can help you strengthen your body’s immune system.

Safe and natural

Sambucol is the original black elderberry extract developed by scientists and backed by 20 years of extensive research. There's a Sambucol formula for every member of your family aged two and up.

Recover twice as fast

Unlike over-the-counter medications that mask symptoms, Sambucol helps reduce your cold and flu symptoms and the duration of illness.


Trusted quality

Sambucol's unique extraction process carefully preserves all of the naturally occurring vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Better berries

Our premium Haschberg Cultivar Black Elderberries are grown and handpicked in Europe from trees that are have been bearing healthy fruit for multiple generations.

Sambucol Sinus Relief - 30 tablets (mini melts) Sambucol Pastilles - 20 soft & chewy pastilles Sambucol Anti-viral Flu Care - 230 mL syrup Sambucol Cold & Flu - 24 capsules (non-drowsy) Sambucol Anti-viral Flu Care Kids - 120 mL syrup Sambucol Cold & Flu Kids - 24 chewable tablets

So, what does Sambucol taste like?

Sweet, tangy and full of berry flavour, Sambucol makes breakfasts, beverages, and
desserts healthier and even more delicious.

Try This Recipe

Breakfast Smoothie

2 teaspoons Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup
1 frozen banana
3/4 cup unsweetened yogurt
1/3 cup blueberries

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“Kid’s cold & flu chewable by sambucol black elderberry is a great product. My son and all the family loved it especially the flavour. I didn’t find any difficult when I give it to him. Thank you!”
— fatima ezzahra b., New Brunswick

“Kids Cold and Flu Chewable by Sambucol Black Elderberry is a great product. My kids enjoyed the flavour and didn't fight me to take them lol. They take them daily during the winter months to help with immunity. ”
— Michelle S., Ontario

“We have not had a chance to try it yet, as neither of the kids have been sick. But I have heard good things from others. Thank you so much for it ”
— Brandi T., British Columbia

“My kid's seemed to like the flavor and it helped clear up symptoms quicker than I've ever experienced before trying this product.... I was extremely pleased with the added elderberry with all the added benefits ”
— Chelsey H., Ontario

“We all tried these just for the taste, since none of us had a need to use it... We like the taste, but can’t really comment on the effectiveness. The kids will definitely try it if they come down with a cold or sore throat.”
— Cindy O., Alberta

“I used it for my children as opposed to the traditional cough medicine. The kids seemed to like it, and it worked like it was supposed it with other remedies. ”
— Chris S., Ontario

“It is a very good medication for cold,my kids really likes it because he licks it like sweet.we love it and we will recommend for any family with cold for kids”
— Serifat abimbola A., Ontario

“my brother (11 y/o) caught a cold and these gummies really helped with the cough and sore throat, we saw results within 2 days. He then kept taking them and it was the fastest recovery time we saw yet”
— Imene A., Quebec

“Seemed to help my my kids when they had the cold. Tablets were convenient compared to the liquid. The kids liked the taste which was a big plus for us.”
— Emily T., Nova Scotia

“My kids can take them very easily. They do not complain about it at all. I would like to give a longer review but my kids have noy really been sick yet. I will write a review once more to give details ”
— sylvie h., Quebec

“I liked the flavors of these. A great replacement to conventional over the counter cold and flu medication. It has natural ingredients and whilst I cannot speak to the immunity strengthening aspect of it long term, we enjoyed it nonetheless.”
— Lulu Z., British Columbia

“Our 3 yr old had a cold runny nose ..sore throat..we gave him these chewable for cold n flu and he liked the flavour and shortly afterwards his nose was not as runny .he said he felt better .we like this product ! ”
— reviewmind 11 m., Alberta

“The kids cold and flu chewable had a great taste and my son loved it. It got rid of his oncoming cold within a couple of days and he wasn't sick. Highly recommend. ”
— Olena P., Ontario

“My son loves this since it tastes great and very easy to chew. It helped my son when his throat got a little itchy and his when his nose got a bit stuffy. ”
— Krystle N., Ontario

“I kid love it! Ease to chew, great taste. It helped to recover symptoms of cold. I already bought for my kid. I highly reccommend to my friend whom have children.”
— Anh N., Ontario

“My kids generally dont like to take medicines.....but the taste of this was such that they had no issues taking it...and plus side is it is very effective”
— Sabeen Mohsin M., Ontario

“Easy to chew, great taste and effective. It helped my 7 year old to get rid of flu symptoms faster, it never gets worst than that. Great value!”
— Ann N., Ontario

“My children loved the flavour and helped them greatly have a good nights sleep. It was in convenient packaging and easy to open. Would recommend to any parent out there.”
— Samantha S., Ontario

“This is simply wow as it’s all natural and help recover sour throat in just two days. Kids like flavour as well. I would recommend as it cure common cold symptoms. ”
— Batool S., Ontario

“Fantastic flavour and ingredients., and suitable for both kids and adults to boot! Both my husband and I tried a few of the tablets and they really tasted great and we were overall pleased with the vitamin intake and felt great! ”
— Jacqueline P., Ontario

“Our experience was positive based on our first trial when my daughter felt Ill. She has always preferred chewables and enjoyed the flavour, but not enough to enjoy it like a candy. It was a little difficult to locate and when I did, it was a little pricer than I would normally spend, but I'm sure it was just the store I was at. Would try again as she felt some relief after taking it.”
— Davis T., Ontario

“We have been lucky noone has been sick so have not tried it yet.Thank you for the sample will try when someone is sick....,......Thank you..”
— Susan B., Nova Scotia

“It definitely worked well. I will definitely recommend it to my family and friends. Can’t wait to try more of the products in the future. :)”
— Tasha C., Alberta

“My kids really liked this! They enjoyed the flavour more than other types of products like this from other brands. I would certainly purchase this product again. ”
— Meg K., Ontario

“I looooved my sambucol sample! So much I bought more! The flavour was amazing. I like that my kids and I can take it daily and feel great! I especially like that there are a few different options as well, syrup or chewables. Cold and flu and a daily option as well! ”
— Dayna H., British Columbia

“This turned out to be a winner!! My lil girl loves these, she thinks they are candy lol. I am also a fan of the elderberry flavor. We are definitely fans of Sambucol now.”
— Jenn L., Ontario

“I was happy to have been chosen to try the Sambucol cold & flu. My son was complaining of not feeling well and I noticed he was going to start a cold. I gave him a Sambucol and he was feeling better. He is very finicky with food and vitamins, but he loved how Sambucol tasted. I continued giving him the Sambucol, until he was feeling well. I was pleasantly surprised how it helped him get rid of all the symptoms and it boosted his immune system. I definitely recommend it for kids.”
— Arlo C., Ontario

“My kids had this product and absolutely we will be purchasing again. Very good product !! Taste good and works very well. I’m very happy with it. ”
— Michelle Y., Ontario

“It’s really good and useful for the kids! The flavour is great and it’s easy for them to take them! Definitely recommend to any mom or dad with a kid ”
— Sergei B., Ontario

“Initially heard about it through a family member. Nice to have a natural effective option. Taste isn't bad and our toddler didn't mind taking it. Always a bonus when it's not a fight. Seemed to be effective. ”
— Anna P., Ontario

“My kids love chewing on foods and they loved these. Also, not messy and must be tasty as they did not split it out Knowing these are healthy for my family is important”
— Louise C., Manitoba

“I loved this my child who is 3 years old loved using the product when they were sick. It tastes great according to my daughter. I think it was grape flavour definitely would recommend to all my friends and family”
— Bendy N., Ontario

“This is a great cold treatment without the side effects that others cold medicines cause. It work quickly and effectively. Good product. I highly recommend it. ”
— Lanie A., Ontario

“Easy to use, good flavour, kids enjoyed them so no problem getting them to take them! Will buy again! Great adjunct therapy for those early cold/flu symptoms! ”
— Janet H., Ontario

“This was an awesome product. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try it. Great taste. Definitely something we would keep in the house. Thank you ”
— Jenna K., Alberta

“Oh man!!!!! These bad boys right here; my god was i ever impressed by these. First of all I want to start by saying that my child has autism and WILL NOT take meds. He's know what it is since he was 2 years old and whenever he seen the oral syringe come out he would scream and fuss and now that he's nearing 9 the fits that he has when it comes time to take the meds even when he's sick and knows it's the one thing that will make him feel better. Besides this .. we've tried so many flavors and brands. He hates them all. There's no tricking him. So when I got these we tried these on him .. I was beyond surprised needless to say. He thought they were candy and for once in his life he started to willingly take these and actually enjoys the flavor. Now when he is sick; he comes to me asking for a black cough drop. These are a lifesaver if it wasn't for you guys sending these to mel I'm not sure I'd of tried them otherwise so thank you for the great and incredible; lifechanging opportunity.”
— Trisha H., New Brunswick

“It was good, my kids liked it and it did the job. Great flavour as it was new for my girls, they usually like cherry. I will be buying more. ”
— Krysta P., Ontario

“The product was great, my child really loved the flavor and it wasn't hard to get him to take it, It seemed to work quickly and got good results, his fever came down quickly, and his cough seemed to let up a little bit, and it helped open up his sinuses so he was able to breath better, I would highly recommend this product over others ”
— Angie D., Manitoba

“My son tried these although he hasn’t got sick to try them, he absolutely loved the taste . I was a little apprehensive at first that he wouldn’t like the taste but I was so wrong, hoped when or if he does get sick in the future these will help ease his symptoms.”
— Candyce L., Alberta

“I tried this in my child as a natural relief while they were experiencing a mild flu bug and was pleasantly surprised with how well it made him feel. Bonus it tasted good he said :) #trynatural ”
— tracy c., Ontario

“Loved the product and the fact that it came with coupons so I could share . Have it to my kids when they were sick and they liked it . Definitely purchasing from now on ”
— Cameron P., Ontario

“I thought it was a really good product. Better than what I normally buy. I’m glad I was able to get a sample. My kids really enjoyed the taste of it. ”
— Brianna A., Ontario

“My 6 year old and 8 year old son's used this. I used it when they were starting to get a cold. They enjoyed them! They said they tasted great like a treat. I noticed them starting to feel better and it never turned out to be a full blown cold. Magic! #trynatural ”
— Jessica R., Ontario

“Thank you social nature for the opportunity to let my niece try this for free ! It worked wonders on her cold and will definitely be using sambuccol again !”
— kaitlynn f., Ontario

“Loved this product for the kids. It was easily for them to eat and they didn’t feel like they were taking medicine. The ingredients are exactly what I had hoped for . Would purchase ”
— Jenna M., Nova Scotia

“My kids loved the flavor and the fact that they could chew it like a candy was really appealing to them. This made my life really easy. I loved the fact that it has natural ingredients, so not having to worry about side effects.”
— Anria O., Alberta

“This product does work, kids love the taste. Got this sample in the mail which is nice of the company to allow sample to go to people to be able to try this product for free. ”
— M M., Ontario

“Unfortunately to say I had to try it with my kids. They smell great, however one loved it and the other was not a fan or the flavour. If I had no choice I would but it, but would not be my first choice ”
— Uliana K., Ontario

“My family was given the opportunity to try the Sambucol Kids Cold & Flu Chewables. This product is easy to use and the appealing taste made the experience more pleasant for my children. The berry flavoured chewable did not taste artificial or leave a bad taste in their mouths. It was a mess free option that worked well for my family. I found that it successfully relieved the unpleasant cough, scratchy sore throat and eliminated fever in record time so that my children could get back to their daily activities. I like knowing that it fights off infections and provides immune support. I feel good about offering my children a product that is gluten free, without any artificial flavours or colours. This Sambucol product is just what my family needs to keep colds and flu at bay during the winter season. Now that they use this product daily, I feel confident that they will remain healthy. #trynatural #gotitfree #productreview #socialnature”
— O. S., Quebec

“Although no one had a cold during the alloted time frame for writing reviews, my son used this as a protective factor to help strengthen his immune system and keep him from getting sick. Sambucol Black Elderberry chewable tablets contains echinacea, since and vitamin C. It helps to relive cold and flu symptoms like cough, dry throat and fever. It also helps to fight again upper respiratory tract infections! These tablets are great for children aged 2 and up. My 10-year-old son was scared of how these would taste, but he was surprised to find that they tasted better than their cough syrup counter part and almost like candy.”
— Kiley B., Saskatchewan

“Kids enjoyed them. I found it helped their sniffling and runny nose. There was no grumbling or griping to take them. Tasty, easy to use no measuring needed just pop it out of the pkg and chew!”
— Huney B., Ontario

“We haven’t actually had a chance to try this product because my daughter hasn’t gotten sick this year. We are super excited to try it because we do like the more natural products for her. I think these will be easier for her because she just has to chew it instead of trying to get her to drink down thick syrup. And I think the flavour would be delicious. Thanks for the product to sample!”
— Justine V., Alberta

“My son is still too young for them, but I like to try things way ahead of time. And I like to try them on myself first. Seems logical to me. Firstly, these were delicious, soft and easy to chew. So there would be no issues getting him to take them. Second, they contain many powerful natural ingredients to fight colds - elderberry, echinacea, zinc & vitamin C. I will definitely be buying these in the future. I just wish the coupons didn’t expire within days of receiving the product or I would have stocked up already. ”
— Monika O., Ontario

“Kids Cold & Flu Chewable by Sambucol Black Elderberry taste great. We've tried the liquid version and the chewables taste better. We plan to take it daily to build our immunity. It's great for both kids and adults alike. ”
— Antoniette U., Ontario

“I was worried my son wouldnt know to chew this product and not like the consistency of it. We usually use liquid product. Ive heard of some kids having an unknown allergy and that was also in my mind. He got over his sniffles quickly and was back to his normal self after a couple days ”
— Sam S., Ontario

“It’s quickly activate. My kids feel better after a couple time using. The flavour is nice, my kids love it. They asked me to buy it with another flavour too. We will try it next. ”
— My T., Ontario

“This product is a great way for children to prevent illness. I like that Sambucol Cold and Flu Kids is chewable and flavored. I will purchase this product again and suggest friends and family try it.”
— Jo M., Saskatchewan

“I used my both boys loved it definitely I will buy in future best for kids and good first time user but love result good for winter weather for cold and fever ”
— Rubina P., Ontario

“I never gave my kids cold and flu medications because of the ingredients. With sambucol I don’t worry because it’s all natural and safe for my children. Will definitely purchase again!!”
— Rania M., Ontario

“This product is good because it tastes great! No swallowing pills or liquids. The chewable tables are very children friendly and my kid thinks it’s a treat and wants more of it.”
— Katie H., Ontario

“I received this product to try for free for an honest review. My family hated feeling sick but loved the Sambucol Cold & Flu chewable and the Black Elderberry flavour. I love that it has natural ingredients and provides immune support. The packaging allows for a no mess solution opposed to a syrup variety. ”
— Andrea L., Manitoba

“My kid loves these immunity-boosting caplets. I give one to him whenever he has any initial signs of a cold, and pretty soon afterwards he feels better. I am convinced that these tablets help ward off viruses. The taste is very good and yummy as well. I will continue to purchase for my kid! ”
— Fiona T., Ontario

“Seems effective and good taste! I liked how it can help and treat many different types of symptoms. Overall, I would recommend to get it a try.”
— Apple G., Ontario